Building Insulation

Steel buildings CanadaMetal Building Insulation is a light-density, fibrous glass blanket that is used with metal building roofs and walls. Our metal buildings insulation comes with WMP 50 vapour barrier due to it’s durability and reflective qualities. It is also ideal when unfaced insulation is required and for double layer roof systems. It is resistant to moisture as well as bacterial and fungal growth. It meets fire resistant codes.

The Simple Saver System, surpassing 200 million square feet installed, is the nation’s leading high R-value insulation system. The Simple Saver System may be installed in following types of new or existing buildings: pre-engineered metal frame, bar joist, masonry, wood truss and concrete. It is a multi-purpose insulation system that finishes, decorates, brightens interiors, absorbs sound, supports insulation, helps prevent condensation, and saves money overall.

ROXUL FIREWALL® 2HR are a medium-density insulation product for interior and exterior walls in pre-engineered metal building construction. This product provides exceptional fire-resistance and energy savings.

FIREWALL® provides added fire protection for metal buildings in close proximity to other buildings, and is designed for interior or exterior non-load bearing metal panel wall assemblies where a fire resistance rating is required.

FireWall 2 HR holds a fire resistance rating of two hours, from the interior side, in addition, it holds a fire resistance rating of two hours from both sides. This product is designed for exterior and interior non-load bearing steel faced fire wall applications where a fire resistance of at least two hours is required.