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Steel Buildings for Garages Canada

The are numerous methods of construction for your next garage. Its always great to have a little extra room on you property to store your toys and lawn equipment. Building a prefab steel building is effective and can be completed in less then two weeks start to finish.

With the heavy gauge rafters and columns a steel building is structurally strong and allows for more head room and clearance under the rafters due to design. Are you thinking about putting a car hoist in? If so a steel building is idea for you. The extra clearance is important as most townships have a maximum height which is measured to the mid point of the roof. With a steel building you can gain those extra needed couple feet.

One important item to keep in mind is be careful on the design and ensure that you design your steel building a bit larger then needed. Quite a few of our customers have told us after the fact that they were surprised how quickly the filled their new garage and wish they had built it larger. If you about size we can always design your steel garage with an expandable end wall to make it easy to add on an extra bay down the road.

Prestige Steel Buildings will supply you with all the needed engineered drawings to apply for you permit.

To do list when thinking about building a steel garage

– contact the planning department and confirm sizes and heights allowed on your property

– confirm the paperwork requirements needed to apply for the permit

– don’t purchase a building until the township confirms it meets all requirements for your property

– Confirm what insulation is required to meet township requirements

There are numerous high pressure sales tactics used by brokers in the steel building industry. Ensure you take your time to price buildings rather then give your credit card for a deposit over the phone for a supposed “cancelled building that is on sale”.

It is always best to work with a contractor on your steel building even if you decided to install on your own. They sell the same buildings and get the same pricing as brokers and are experienced and can give advice when you need help.

Jason Gullett

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