Steel Buildings for Workshops

Steel Buildings for Workshops

Steel workshop buildings come in all designs, sizes and shapes.  After years of thinking about building that perfect workshop let Prestige Steel help your dream become a reality.  Step one should be deciding the type of workshop you would like to construct.  Determining window and door locations that allow for wall space utilization.  Its also important to check with the local planning and building departments to confirm set backs, size and height restrictions.  In most residential areas they allow for a 750 square foot accessory building.  If that does not provide enough space a minor variance application usually will allow for a larger size.

Workshops may be either a room or a building and steel buildings are ideal for a personal or business workshop.  Due to the clear span design your tools or machinery can be easily located in different locations that encourage a functional work environment.  Steel buildings are used for farm/personal workshops but are also used for locomotive, aircraft and automotive repairs as well.

When you purchase a building from Prestige with installation we supply the engineered foundation and building drawings required for a building permit application.  Please contact us for you custom steel building pricing today.




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