Steel Building Insulation

Steel Building Insulation

Insulating your steel building can have many benefits, keeping your building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer is a great way to help lower energy bills. If your steel building is used for machinery and equipment, insulation can help with absorbing the loud noises within the steel walls. Your Steel Building may have valuable assets don’t let condensation get the best of you, insulate that steel building. Whatever your reasoning is to add insulation Prestige Steel Buildings offers different values of insulation including long tab insulation.

Insulation R Value is how the material is rated to thermal resistance, the R Value depends on the type of insulation, the thickness and the density. When selecting insulation for your steel building it will depend on how you choose to occupy your building. R-13 Insulation is a great way to help with energy cost however if energy cost is your concern you should be going with a higher R Value R-28 and R-48. The lower R Value insulation is more suffice for those not so worried about the energy bill and would like to absorb those loud noises or the condensation that might be created within your steel building. High R Value Long Tab insulation is one of the best ways to insulate your steel building roof, the long tabs systems are in perfect contact with the purlins. This will help the performance of the insulation because there will be no gaps, gaps will substantially degrade the performance of insulation.


Steel Buildings Liner Panels, is interior cladding metal panels similar to the outside wall panels, you can have half height wall liner panels at 8’ or full height liner panels, you can also add roof liner panels. Liner Panels have advantages to add to your steel building, not only will the inside have a more proper and clean finished look from the inside, Liner Panels also help protect your insulation.


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